quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2009

As pessoas só se curam quando...

-As pessoas só se curam quando querem e se querem!
Foi o que afirmou uma senhora de setente e tal anos com quem almocei ontem. Médica já reformada.
Concordo plenamente.
Porém sabe bem ter a confirmação de alguém tão experiente.

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R.O disse...

Tenho o Prazer de convidá-lo(a) aos meus blogs com visual remodelado :
Os antigos endereços continuam online e redireccionam automaticamente para os novos blogs.
O visual foi remodelado, os blogs contêm maior interactividade na coluna da direita : vídeo bar, caixa de comments, chat, sondagens, twitter, e mais.
Os posts dos blogs estão divididos por categorias (etiquetas), vídeos, ebooks grátis, e outros.

Sílvio g

Anónimo disse...


The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

Includes new two-hour interview with David Icke

The treatment of cancer through chemotherapy drugs is the medical equivalent of Stone Age Man wielding a club. 'I know how to cure a headache, I'll knock the guy senseless'. Another analogy would be attacking a handful of alleged terrorists by pepper-bombing Baghdad and killing tens of thousands of civilians in the process.

How appropriate, then, that the same force is ultimately behind the bombing of Iraq and the insane cancer 'treatment' that people receive in hospitals across the world.

Chemotherapy doesn't just kill cancer cells, it kills cells, period. I mean all kinds of cells including the healthy ones. Here we are nine years into the 21st century and the treatment of cancer is based on a simple and extraordinary question:

Will we kill the cancer cells before we have killed enough healthy cells to kill the patient?

What's more, the human immune system consists of cells and this is why chemotherapy patients all complete the 'treatment' with a devastated immune system that leaves them open to all kinds of other attacks on the body - including more cancer. In truth, modern cancer 'treatment' is often little more than assisted suicide.

Years ago I saw a film showing microscope footage of the immune system killing cancer cells. This is happening all the time and when the immune system is healthy and vibrant cancer is kept in check. But here we have the very treatment of cancer - chemotherapy - destroying that defence network.

The word insanity does not even begin to suffice.

But there is another way and it's been here for as long as humans have populated the planet.