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Amamentar ate aos 7 anos

Ha quem diga que os humanos devem ser amamentados ate aos 7 anos.
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Baby-led weaning, as we call it, is allowing a child to come away from the breast on their own,' she says.

'This is what animals do - like cats feeding their kittens. The natural weaning age is actually six. That's when children lose their milk teeth, have a solid bone structure and a developed immune system.

'My daughter stopped on her own because she started going to school, so she was ready for the next stage of her life...
...Rightly or wrongly, the image given is that of an indulged, emotionally dependent child in control of their mother, despite the fact that there is plenty of historical evidence to show that long-term breastfeeding was once the norm.

Ver se assim a nossa sociedade deixa de ter estranhas reaccoes em tudo o que diga respeito a estas glandulas...

Sorria e que todos os seus mais belos sonhos se tornem realidade:-)))

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But what about the father's role in all of this? 'Some really struggle,' admits Sinnott.

'They feel excluded and jealous towards the child and mother. It's very hard for fathers.' Other women who took part in Sinnott's survey echo this.

One explained: 'It has caused great problems in my marriage and is something I am working to try to resolve.

'But my instincts are so strong to breastfeed that I do put the children before my husband and have just gone on with it regardless.'

And another: 'We are now nearly divorced. Breastfeeding wasn't the only reason, but it has been one of the biggest issues that highlighted how dysfunctional and abusive he was.'

According to Sinnott, a male partner is twice as likely to be supportive to the mother if he was breastfed himself.