quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2005

Encontrei estas ideias sobre compras, que nos fazem pensar doutra maneira

Paz, Felicidade e Amor
Nas minhas passeatas pela net costumo visitar o site desta senhora. Tem sempre umas ideias inesperadas mas muito bem fundamentadas, segundo me parece.
Ela escreve em francês e só depois aparecem os temas traduzidos em inglês.
Como o francês está a perder na quantidade de pessoas capazes de o ler, escolhi a versão inglesa.
Vamos pensar sobre isto e comentar as nossas conclusões em conjunto.
Agora faço o bendito "Copy-paste" e aqui está:


On May 6, 2005, Wal-Mart will close its Jonquiere store, the first unionized store in the North American chain. Emotions run high among employees of other stores who are afraid the Goliath will do the same to them if they were to get out of line. The population is indignant, either because they sympathize with the employees who will lose their meager wages or because they are mad at Goliath for not having respected the rules of the game, or because they now have to go farther to get their "cheap" fix for their "hysteria of low prices"!

What is Wal-Mart?

It is a large scale model of our system of commerce between people.

YES, it is huge. It is the largest retailer in the world. Some even say they are "larger than the Canadian government". With annual revenues of $320 billion and profits of $10 billion, this American multinational employs 1.3 million people. One fifth of its operations are in nine foreign countries. The employees are called "associates" and earn a minimum wage. They have to blindly obey; there is no question of being unionized. Goliath rules! He makes everyone tremble!

NO, it is no different from other businesses. It is based on competition. It strives to monopolize and eliminate the competition. It has one goal, profits at any price to satisfy the shareholders. It is caught up in dog eat dog survival mode. It lives off of the same deadly human potion called FEAR. Its size alone, and the self-importance size brings with it, makes it stand out. It can do anything to the point of even being arrogant. After all, size has its privileges.

We look for a culprit, a bad wolf, responsible for the closing of the store. We find a number: a manipulative company, demanding managers, rebellious employees, maladroit union leaders... We're always looking OUTSIDE of us instead of looking WITHIN. Maybe it is there where we will find not the culprit but the creator of this commercial monster.

Wal-Mart is a giant version of that which mirrors the commercial system we've created in our image and likeness. It allows us to view our social unconsciousness on a large screen. It enables us to see the consequences when we behave as poor and afraid sheep :

* Investing in the stock market with maximum gain.
* Paying interest on money, the root of social disparity.
* Accepting the unacceptable, jobs, salary, loss of identity, submission...
* Being apathetic about the exodus of local capital abroad.
* Abandoning local businesses in favor of multinationals.

* Engaging in "the lowest price hysteria" which forces manufacturers to cut everything and everywhere.
* Being afraid of doing without... fear of respecting oneself, fear of dying, fear, fear... fear!


Personocratia is pleased at the prospect of personal transformation thanks to the giant Goliath. She turns a shitty situation into a golden opportunity.

The closing of the Wal-Mart is an ideal opportunity for the employees to liberate themselves from enslavement. Not only as slaves of Wal-Mart, but also of any other employer. An employee is after all a slave, the property of government lent to the employer in return for the obligatory pay-roll deductions at the source. However, humans are unlimited creators. Wal-Mart simply provided the incentive, the boot needed to regain their dignity, their true nature, to create their own activities. Can you imagine Idessa, the winged mare, begging for a job?

The closing of Wal-Mart is an ideal opportunity for buyers to cure their "lowest price hysteria" syndrome. The vicious circle, which sees the poor getting progressively poorer, while the rich get richer and richer. Wal-Mart allows buyers to see on a huge screen the debilitating effects of what "fear of being without" is all about and how it prostitutes the soul. They can now become aware of their real power. They and they alone have the power... no clients, no Wal-Mart!

The closing of Wal-Mart is an ideal opportunity for all citizens to regain their self-love and buy locally. Local products sold in local stores owed by locals. An end to multinationals with all of their imports. An end to big chains and their domination. An end to shopping centers and their exploitation. Manufacturers, builders, farmers, distributors, sellers and consumers will at last realize prosperity, wealth, human contact, sharing, joy, health... paradise with life ever-after.

What may appear to us to be an invincible giant today, tomorrow we will see it for what it really is, nothing but an illusion of force and power. Just like the Goliath of old, the giant Wal-Mart will disappear at the hand of David, a human being determined and fearless, aware of his power.

Wal-Mart will then be nothing more than a ghost, a nightmare experienced once upon a time by humans who were unconscious of their true divine nature.

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